Q: I want my puppy socialized but I’m concerned that all day in the group might be too much for him.

A:   Sometimes Shaggy Hound Daycare can be overstimulating or just overwhelming for a younger puppy.  Our experienced handlers monitor all daycare members for signs of over-stimulation, overheating, getting too cold, getting cranky or just plain old wearing out.

Q: Can you administer medications in daycare?

A:  Yes. Medications will be scheduled according to your instructions and you will be asked to sign a “Medication Sheet” on drop-off.  We can administer both “scheduled” and “as needed” medications during the day.  We do not stock or provide medications.

Q: Where are you located?

Shaggy Hound is located at 620 Yellow Jacket Dr, Starkville, MS 39759. You can also use MapQuest to find us here.

Q: How do you handle behavioral issues in daycare?
A: Our team of highly experienced handlers undergo specialized training to effectively address a wide range of behavioral issues in dogs. Should a dog exhibit signs of aggressive behavior, rest assured that we prioritize safety by promptly separating the animal and engaging in a comprehensive discussion with you. Together, we will explore alternative care options tailored to your dog’s specific needs and well-being.
Q: Can I tour the daycare facility before enrolling my pet?
A: Yes, we highly encourage prospective clients to come and visit our facility to see firsthand the top-notch amenities and services we offer. Please feel free to get in touch with us so we can assist you in scheduling a convenient time for your tour.
Q: How do you ensure my pet’s safety during daycare?
A: We take pet safety seriously at our facility. With secure, fenced play areas and around-the-clock supervision by trained handlers, your furry friends are always in good hands. Our facility is thoughtfully designed to reduce the risk of injury and provide a secure environment where pets can play and socialize freely.
Q: What should I bring for my pet’s first day of daycare?
A: Please remember to bring along proof of your pet’s up-to-date vaccinations, their specific food if they require feeding during their visit, and any essential medications that they may need while in our care. Thank you for helping us ensure the well-being and comfort of your furry friend.
Q: How do I book a daycare session?
A: To schedule a daycare session for your furry friend, feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call or conveniently book online through our user-friendly booking system. For additional information and a closer look at our services, take a moment to explore our website. We look forward to welcoming your pet soon!
Q: Do you offer half-day daycare options?
A: Certainly! At our facility, we provide the flexibility of both half-day and full-day daycare options tailored to suit your busy schedule and cater to your beloved pet’s requirements.
Q: Are there any breed restrictions for daycare?
A: At our facility, we warmly welcome all breeds of pets. To prioritize the well-being and social dynamics of our furry friends during group play sessions, a temperament assessment is mandatory. This ensures that each pet is not only safe but also enjoys a positive and enriching experience in our care.

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