In order for your dog to have the best experience possible at Shaggy Hound’s Daycare program, it is important to determine how the program can be tailored to your dog.

Just as children benefit from the company of other children, so do dogs benefit from being around other dogs. Dogs who have only been around humans may not be familiar with “canine etiquette,” because dogs learn vital lessons from each other. Thus, if they are intentionally or accidentally placed in a situation where they will encounter another dog, they may be unsure of how to react. Play with other dogs also promotes health through mental balance and physical fitness.

Therefore, even if your dog has never been exposed to other dogs, it is never too late to see if he or she would do well in groups!

In order to properly assess your dog, we request that you schedule an initial meeting. This usually lasts 15-30 minutes and is held in the presence of the owner. You get a chance to meet the people who will be working closely with your dog and to ask questions about the program.  At this meeting you can discuss what you hope to get out of the program and what sort of weekly schedule you wish to sign up for.

Additional Notes:

>  As dogs get older or circumstances change, their suitability for groups may change as well. Thus, a dog’s role in Dog’s Day Out may require re-assessment.

>  Unneutered male or unaltered female dogs 6 months or older are NOT eligible for Shaggy Hound Daycare.

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