Our certified grooming professionals are experienced and understand your pets needs.

Shaggy Hound offers expert dog grooming for all breeds and creative mixed breed cuts. We also offer puppy cuts, lion cut, hand drying and hand scissoring.


We use tender loving care and patience when grooming your dog.

Top of the line products are used to make your pet feel pampered. Every effort is made to make your pet as comfortable as possible as we hope to make our facility their home away from home.

Grooming is an important part of caring for your dog. Our Grooming/Spa treatments not only makes your dog look fabulous, but also contributes to their physical and emotional health.

We pride ourselves on our gentle touch and patience with every animal.

Pricing is based on breed, condition and individual temperament.

All Baths Include:

Nail trim

Ear cleaning

Blow drying

Brush out

Long-haired dog baths also include a “tidy” (a sanitary trim and trimming between the paw pads)

Anal Gland Expression

Additional Services:

Nail grinding


Deshedding treatments

Our grooming shop is open Monday-Friday. We work by appointments, so please call in advance to make your appointment with us at 662-338-9400.

Our drop off time for grooming is 7:00AM to 8:AM. We ask that you consult with the groomer about your pet’s cut and also a pick up time.

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